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Huqiu Series Self-Service Kiosk

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Product Description

The Huqiu Kiosk provides a new generation of service approach for hospitals’ image center.

It perfectly combines the advanced network transmission technology and automated self-service terminal, provides patients with an effortless way to retrieve X-Ray films and diagnostic reports.

Design Purpose

Hospitals have been investing tremendous human power in dealing with excessive numbers of reports and films, and the traditional method has been tedious, time consuming, and prone to human error. Luckily, the Huqiu Kiosk offers an easy solution to this problem: it runs on an automatic categorizing system that enables patients to obtain their diagnostic reports and x-ray films without any constrains.



The system establishes a connection with Hospital’s HIS server, image archive, and PACS server through a network switch, and the monitoring station connects with the film distribution station. The terminal comes with both a diagnostic report printer and an X-Ray dry imager that is integrated with a standard DICOM3.0 interface.

Its features also include a bar-code reader, RFID card reader, magnetic card reader, IC card reader, and a touch screen.


Suitable for the following market segments

CT, MR, DR, CR, DSA, Digital Gastrointestinal

Patients are able to retrieve their reports and X-Ray films from the kiosk by simply scanning their personalized bar code.


Key Benefits

-      Reliable system and easy maintenance

-      Fast imaging and automated operation

-      User-friendly interface and convenient access

-      Includes all market segments (CT, MR, Dr...etc.)

-      Enables the patients to access without time and human constraints

Huqiu Series Self-Service Kiosk
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