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  • Huqiu Series Self-Service Kiosk

    The Huqiu Kiosk provides a new generation of service approach for hospitals’ image center. It perfectly combines the advanced network transmission technology and automated self-service terminal, provides patients with an effortless way to retrieve X-Ray films and diagnostic reports.

  • Dry Imager

    The Huqiu Dry Imager is the one and only domestically engineered medical dry thermal imager. The HQ-DY Series accommodates for a full range of imaging applications, including CT,MR, DR, CR, DSA, etc, enables high speed processing on both online and offline mode, and sustains precision in diagnostics by its excellent image quality.

  • Medical Dry Imaging Film

    This film is suitable for the printing of medical image that is stored digitally. It accurately reproduces various medical images acquired by computers. Compared with the traditional method, this film avoids the use of silver halide product and eliminates pollution caused by chemical waste, while it is insensitive to light and can be loaded under daylight. It also possesses features such as low grey value, good contrast, high resolution, high density, and user-friendliness.

  • Medical X-Ray Film Processor

    Product Features- Produced with injection mold- Digital circuit control instead of knob operated control?- Digitally displays liquid temperature, loading speed, error code, etc.?- Vortex drying system, completes the job more efficiently?- 2 output options: front & rear- Roller shafts made of high quality imported plastic, resistant to corrosion & expansion- Shaft bracket made of titanium alloy- Patented technology

  • CR system

    The iCR3600 Digital System is designed to work iCRco’s proprietary software, Xray Capture (XC). XC Acquisition software is powered by a multi-frequency processing algorithm known as Image Clarity Enhancement (ICE). 3rd Generation ICE processing provides image display state that ensures balanced presentation of both soft tissue and overlapping bone structures and technology that improves image quality while preserving diagnostic detail for thicker body parts.